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Rugged leather tie-up boot with a side zipper for a quick fit  Synthetic fur and a non-slip track sole ideal for winter days Personalized burn out logo and metallic badge 100% genuine leather lining: 100% synthetic polyester 
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Casual sneaker 100% leather Perforated leather (grid-like style) Embroidered ES Collection logo on one side and on the tongue Metallic shoelace rings Designed & made in Barcelona
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85 €
Fresh and basic FLIP FLOPS 100% leather Classic style and very confortable Like all our items, these FLIP FLOPS have been designed in Barcelona.
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145 €
100% Leather Available in Black and white Limited Edition Exclusively sold at ES Collection Stores
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120 €
40% Leather- 60% Polyester Mesh over mesh gives increased comfort 100% Breathable Air pocket Exclusively sold at ES Collection Stores  
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200 €
Perforated leather 100% sneakers. perforated leather makes them breathable and soft at the same time Multiple details which making them unique and different Three ES Collection logos embroidered and recycled sole. 
Product available with different options