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Long trousers made of elastic cotton. Two side pockets and two back pockets. Side pockets on the legs. Elastic low cuffs with adjustable zip. Front zip. ES Collection leather logo on the back. 98% cotton 2% elastane. 

Proudly designed and made in Barcelona

The Best Men´s Clothing Brand In The World – ES COLLECTION Allows You To Be Luxuriously Stylish And Sexy All Year Round

Welcome to ES COLLECTION, the ultimate destination for men who love fashion and style. ES COLLECTION is a globally recognized brand that specializes in designing, creating and manufacturing high-quality clothing for gay men. Whether you are looking for underwear, swimwear, sportswear, active wear, casual wear, relax wear, or sexy wear, we have something for you. ES COLLECTION has a choice of thousands of styles, designs, patterns and colours to make you feel incredibly sexy and raise your confidence levels to new heights. There is also a huge range of designer accessories – such as men´s jewelry, men´s peak caps and hats, male toiletry and gym bags, beach bags, men´s socks, men´s belts, towels and so much more. ES COLLECTION also proudly provides an invigorating and age-defying range of cosmetics including men´s day and night creams, the best eye cream online, and the finest exfoliating cleanser. An incredible choice of gay men´s apparel and clothing. The best clothing, accessories and cosmetics brand you can purchase online right now! A designer brand for the discerning, successful gay man.

The Story Of How The Best Gay Men´s Clothing Brand Was Born

ES COLLECTION was born in Barcelona in 2006, with a vision to offer innovative, trendy, fantastic quality and exclusive products that enhance your confidence and comfort. We wanted to create the best gay clothing brand in the world. Our collections are inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, combining elegance, sophistication and sexiness. We use premium fabrics and materials that ensure durability, supreme comfort and fabulous fit. Our philosophy runs deep through our culture, where we celebrate diversity and individuality. We believe that every man deserves to feel good about himself and express his personality through his clothing. That's why we offer a huge choice and range of designs, styles, patterns, colors and sizes to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you want to show off your body and your package, spice up your intimate moments or simply look amazing doing your daily activities like gym or going out with friends, we have the perfect outfit for you. It´s simply, the best gay men´s clothing brand in the world!

The Best And Hottest Men´s Clothing Choices You Can Buy Online

ES COLLECTION designs, creates and manufactures all it´s exquisite products in Spain and includes a wide variety of men’s underwear, men’s swimwear, men’s sportswear, men’s athletic wear, men’s casual wear, men’s sexy wear, and a wide men’s accessory range. These sexy gay men´s clothing include a huge variety of garments, which include T-shirts, Long Pants, Shorts, Tank Top and Vests, Hoodies, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Crop Tops, Leggings & Briefings, Bodysuits, Polo Shirts, Men´s Skirts, Slim Fit Trousers, Harnesses, Sleeves and more. On the men´s underwear side, the massive choice extends to many different types including Boxers, Bikinis, Shorts, Trunks, Long Johns, Thongs, Briefs, Socks, Jockstraps and Bottomless designs. For men´s swimwear, the latest fashion trends are all represented here, which include men´s swim Boxers, men´s swim Trunks, men´s swim Briefs, men´s swim Bikinis, men´s swim Shorts as well as men´s swim Board shorts. If you looking for a gay male clothing brand that has everything in luxurious style, and can also be used at gay festivals, gay cruises and gay Pride events across the world.

The Best And Hottest Underwear You Can Buy Online - Available Right Now At ES COLLECTION!

If you are looking for the most exquisite, unique and luxurious underwear, then ES COLLECTION is the men’s underwear brand you are looking for, and the best you can buy. There are many male under wear brands on the market, but few reach the level of style and quality of ES COLLECTION. Your choice of underwear speaks volumes about the type of man you are, so accentuate your confidence by looking the best you can in the hottest underwear available online now. Our range choice is another great feature of this iconic men´s underwear brand: you can choose from sexy Boxers, Briefs, Shorts, Trunks, hot Bikinis, sexy Lace Lingerie, Long Johns, Thongs, erotic Jockstraps, Shorts, Bodysuits, Basic underwear styles, Value Pack Underwear bundles, Socks, Bottomless underwear, underwear with a pouch .. any underwear style you could possibly want. Exquisite luxurious choice is what you get with this super stylish brand.

The Best and Sexiest Men’s Swimwear from ES COLLECTION

Need an outfit for the sun? Look no further than to our amazing swimwear range – loved by many gay customers around the world. Fantastic quality, strong individuality and fashion forward designs means you will stand out from the boring crowd. When it comes to male swimwear, we know it best. From smart technology in the materials, to quick-dry fabrics, padded designs and enhancing technologies: we put serious thought behind all our designs. We want to make sure the gay community is well presented every time they hit the beach or a pool party! Whatever style of swimsuit you need, we have the swim costume for you: from swim Shorts, to swim Board shorts, swim Briefs, swim Trunks, seriously sexy swim Bikinis and swim Thongs. Made in Europe, our designs are based on the idyllic Mediterranean sun chasing lifestyle, so you can assured of their comfort, quality and luxurious fit.

The Hottest Men’s Sexywear Clothing You Can Purchase Online Today

Do you want to spice up your love life, or simply treat yourself to some sexy outfits that make you feel sensuous and confident? ES COLLECTION has a range of scintillating, sexy, erotic and naughty clothing for you to buy. So, what do gay guys wear, or what type of clothes do gay men like to experiment with? Well, we have a whole range of exciting and new styles of clothing garments that you will only find at our online store. Unique and super sexy items include Harnesses, Bodysuits, Crop Tops, Thongs, Bikinis, Bottomless Boxers, Bottomless Long Johns, and other Bottomless underwear, Jockstraps, trendy long pants, men´s skirts, and so much more. What makes these gay men´s clothing items so sexy and fashion forward? It´s mostly due to the truly unique materials and fabrics that we design into every piece of clothing. From feathers to breathable mesh; from seductive netting material to rubberesque laminated fabric. Gay men love to be adventurous and experiment with their fashion and in their designer gear that makes them feel confident, sexy and powerful. Buy the best gay men´s sexy clothing online today!

The Best Mens Sportswear Brand To Buy Online Right Now!

Champions train, losers complain. Champions keep playing until they get it right! You push yourself to achieve your goals and to create a body that is as beautiful outside as you are on the inside. ES COLLECTION Sportswear and Activewear are with you on your training journey, to achieve your best, and to be a champion in everything you do. Sexy, supportive, comfortable and breathable training gear for the gym, training, running or other outdoor activities are available in our online store now. For any sporting, training or outdoor activity, ES COLLECTION has something for your adventure and your body. The sportswear, active wear clothes, training clothes, gym clothes and outdoor activity clothes we have on offer include Sportswear Boxers, T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Vests, Shorts, Hoodies, Jogger Athletic Pants, Tracksuit pants and Tracksuit Jackets: everything you need to keep you active and training hard at gym, or any activity you do. The best men´s active sportswear and training clothes for the seriously active gay male.

The Best Trending Men’s Casual Wear Designer Brand Outfits

You looking for the best male casual wear fashion clothing, then look no further than the best trending brand ES COLLECTION. Casual wear is so acceptable now for so many occasions: men´s casual wear is now completely welcomed at parties, for dinner, at the office and for many other work environments. Men´s casual wear can now be worn almost everywhere, and can be accessorized with many items to give it that extra designer fashion flair. ES COLLECTION Men´s Casual wear clothing range includes T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Shirts, Polo Shirts, Vests, Shorts, Trousers and Pants, Sweatshirts and for the more adventurous: Skirts and even Bodysuits. Our fashionable range also includes Jeans – as they form a great foundation for everyday casualwear. The range is perfect for summer and winters, as there is a choice for the different casualwear outfits, depending on the season you are in. The best gay men´s casual wear clothing range for chilling with friends, or going out to a party or even wearing to work, can be found on our online store, where you can purchase to your heart’s desire.

ES COLLECTION Men’s Relax wear: The Best Loungewear For Your Casual Days

The fashion forward designs don´t stop when you chilling or having a relaxing day at home. Style can be found in every range of men´s clothing we have, including Relaxwear. Long Pants, Shorts, Long Johns and Bodysuits are all part of the relaxed outfit collection. Even at home, loungewear never looked so effortlessly stylish, and super comfortable. Supreme comfort is the main goal of this range of clothing .. you need to be completely taken care of on your off days, so there is nothing better than having the best comfortable clothing available in the market. Sumptuous materials and fabrics make these outfits warm, soft and cozy for those perfect home chilling days. Purchase the best home-loving relaxwear clothing online, now! Only from ES COLLECTION

The Best Cost-Effective Fashionable Gay Male Clothing Accessories - To Accentuate Any Outfit

We have a large range of men´s clothing accessories at exceptionally good prices which allow you to accessorize your ES COLLECTION outfits even further! Sexy and hot accessories can be added to any choice of clothing or activity you have planned. Accessories include: Caps, Beach Bags, Gym Bags, Towels, Sneakers, Bracelets, Keychains, Sleeves, Socks, Belts, Necklaces, Toiletry Bags and so much more. When it comes to the world´s best gay men´s clothing brand in the world, we lead the way with a massive choice of designs, styles, innovative materials and technology and a wide choice of accessories for every outfit or occasion you have. Men´s accessories can be used to up-fleek your outfit. Luxury men´s accessories at a great price.

The Best Men´s Skin Care Range For The Healthiest Skin - ES COLLECTION Cosmetics Is The Best You Can Buy

The modern man is very serious in protecting his skin health and ensuring his confidence continues by looking the best he can, no matter what his age. The best men´s cosmetics and skincare range for the discerning gay male is from the outstanding ES COLLECTION Cosmetics range, with a fantastic selection of lotions and creams to take care and protect any type of skin. Skincare essentials such as Revitalizing Night Cream, the colour matching Urban Protect Cream , Anti Aging Day Cream, the supreme ant fatigue eye gel, and the essential exfoliating cleanser. The best night cream you can buy online, is our Revitalizing Night Cream which is a quick-absorbing facial cream formulated exquisite ingredients including collagen. It´s high glycerin content, means it possesses great hydration power, which is critical to men´s skin health, while protecting the skin leaving it soft and smooth, without feeling greasy. ES COLLECTION men´s cosmetics brand also includes Urban Protect Colour – available in two tones – whose main aim is to protect your skin from harmful UV damage, while providing hydration and a wrinkle-erasing effect. The best men´s cosmetics you can purchase online today, extends to the miracle formulation of ES COLLECTION men´s cosmetics Anti Aging Day Cream. This exceptional beauty product for the skin is formulated with adenosine and encapsulated with Botox-like and apple stem cell extract whose metabolites and epigenetic factors protect and multiple skin stem cells – thereby keeping the skin smooth, helping to blur wrinkles all while promotion skin regeneration. The world´s best face cosmetics don´t stop there, because there is also the Anti Fatigue Eye Gel, which contains a clever decongestant gel that mitigates the signs of fatigue around the eyes. This men´s eye gel contains a magnificent mixture of world class leading ingredients that help eliminate toxins, while reducing puffiness. The results are brighter, more vibrant looking eyes. The best gay skin care range for gay men lastly also includes the daily essential Exfoliating Cleanser, which contains an elixir of Vitamins C, E, B3, B6 and pro-vitamin B5 – effectively and gently scrubbing the skin to deeply cleanse and remove facial impurities. What an astoundingly sublime men´s skin care range, helping you maintain your skin health, fighting back aging and bringing forward the true beauty of your skin. The best you can buy today!

The Biggest Range Of Sizes And The Best Advanced Clothing Shape Wear Technology

You don´t become the best gay men´s clothing brand in the world but simply doing the basics in clothing: no, you have to properly understand the male physique in all its dimensions and requirements, as well as understanding the psychological needs of your male customer. There is a huge range of size offerings, depending on the type of garment and style of clothing, but the range operates between XS to 5XL. So there are sizes for all types and shapes of men. While size is important, its also critical that support and comfort are the best that you can get. Aside from the luxurious materials we create our garments from, we also imply technology to help support and comfort in many clothing items. Some are manufactured with the garment, and some pieces are separate accessories. So comfort, style and fit are essential, we also know that gay men love to show off their attributes: so we create shape wear technology that helps guys feel that more confident in what they are wearing. And should they need help in any parts we will gladly assist with shape wear additions to underwear and swimwear. ES COLLECTION men´s clothing has a full research and development department that creates ingenious items that men love to wear. The best Shape wear technology you can buy, includes Pack Up which is a removable padded piece that is made from the finest foam that is water resistant, anti-wrinkle, and maintains its shape forever. This padding gives a more smoother and uniform look, giving guys that extra volume and extra lift where they need it most. Another men´s technology support item is ES COLLECTION´s Push Up, which is a special pocket directly manufactured onto the clothing item, into which your male penis and balls can be placed – giving the best support, lift and comfort ever seen before. Your balls will literally be cradled in soft, breathable material giving them the attention they so deserve and need. Men´s clothing comfort also include KanGo and U-Shape which are both combinations of a pouch on the inner lining of ES COLLECTION men´s shorts or men´s swimwear shorts, which allows men not to have to wear any underwear – that´s how supportive this piece of technology is. And lastly our Moulded Technology on some of ES COLLECTION items allow for ultimate smoothness without the lines and stitching of traditional clothing. The best gay men´s clothing brand thinks of all the needs of the modern male, and provides a huge choice and selection of clothing choices, wide range of sizes and unique technology that provides supreme fit, support and comfort. The best men´s clothing you can buy online now!

Sustainable Men´s Clothing & Fashion, Recycled Products, And Environmental & Social Responsibility with ES COLLECTION

The best brand that gives back to our planet. We care deeply about sustainability and social responsibility, which is why we produce locally and support various causes. ES COLLECTION creates hot and sexy underwear for men, but at the same time never forgets how important sustainability is. As well as reducing consumption of limited resources of the planet, we manufacture underwear from recycled fibers and materials . That’s why many of the Boxers, Briefs, Shorts, Trunks, Thongs and Bikini designs we make are sustainably produced from recycled plastic bottles removed from the sea. Comfort, fit and style doesn’t have to be compromised at all with these sexy products: they are still hot and sexy but just produced in a far more responsible way. All products are designed and manufactured in Spain, so ES COLLECTION abides by all relevant production and human resource guidelines. The best sustainable underwear in the world, doesn’t have to be boring or uncomfortable… it can be designer, with the best materials, with the best shape, comfort, support and fit … with even a pouch for your member! Designer underwear MUST BE sustainable these days. It must be ES COLLECTION. Purchase yours today!

Follow These Easy Steps Below On The ES COLLECTION Gay Men´s Clothing Online Store – And Buy Your First Purchase, Today!

Browse our online store today and discover our latest collections of underwear, swimwear, sportswear, relaxwear, casual wear, accessories and cosmetics. You can also find us in our physical stores around the world or in our authorized retailers – simply look for the ¨Flagship Stores¨ at the bottom of the page. To purchase online, simply register an account profile with us, so we can smoothly and easily send orders with our couriers direct and descretly to your address. Sign up for our newsletter, where you will be kept up to date on our monthly special offers, your yearly birthday discount and other annual promotions that we regularly update on our website.

Thank you for choosing ES COLLECTION as your favorite brand of clothing for gay men. We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoy creating amazing products for you!

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